Accueil Toilette TOTO Vespin II Toilet Review – High-Effective Choice

TOTO Vespin II Toilet Review – High-Effective Choice

Unique Features TOTO Vespin II

To help you make an informed decision, we have listed three additional features for the Toto Vespin 2.

1. 1.

The Vespin II is water-efficient because it meets EPA WaterSense standards. This model is quiet and efficient, consuming only 6 Liters per flush. This flush can clean all types of waste in one flush. This will help reduce your water consumption. The Vespin II is an ADA-compliant toilet that you can rest assured that all users will be able to use it.

2. 2. Warranty

Toilet manufacturers do not offer warranties. TOTO is an exception to the rule. TOTO offers a 1-year limited warranty. If something goes wrong, you can contact the company for assistance. To activate the warranty, you must register online.

3. SanaGloss Finish

The Vespin II includes the CEFIONTECH glaze and a SanaGloss finishing. This has two distinct benefits. It looks better and gives the unit an elegant, sleek look. It prevents bacteria buildup on the toilet surfaces, so you don’t need to use chemical cleaners to clean them. Maintenance is easy with a SanaGloss surface.

This toilet features a powerful, efficient flushing system known as double-cyclone technology.Tornado flushing system.

This toilet is EPA WaterSense certified because it uses just 6 Liters per flush.

Additional Benefits And Features

These are the additional features of Toto Vespin II’s toilet.



The TOTO toilet is made of vitreous china which makes it durable and strong. The two-piece design offers more space for your legs and comfortable sitting.

The skirted design conceals the trap and is complemented by a smooth design. This makes cleaning easier.

The universal height of the toilet, which is mentioned above, makes it ADA-compliant and accessible for all ages. For easy flushing, a chrome trip lever can be found on the side that is easily accessible.

The only problem is that the unit does not come with a seat for the toilet. You will need to purchase a seat and seal.

. Flushing System

The TOTO Vespin II, like the TOTO Washlet has a dual-cyclone flushing system. Also known as the Tornado Flush, it uses the same dual cyclone flushing technology as the TOTO Washlet. This toilet is certified for its low water consumption of 6 Liters per flush.EPA WaterSense meaning buyers qualify forSignificant rebatesDepending on where they live, their water bills may vary. Two jets are used to increase the efficacy of the toilet and quickly clean the entire bowl with one flush.

. Cleaning

The CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze protects the toilet’s surface from any debris. This high-glazed finish can be combined with the Tornado flushing system to create a cleaner, bacteria-free toilet bowl. This high-glazed finish is also resistant to stains and mold and doesn’t require regular manual cleaning.

. Installation Is Easy

The two-piece unit comes with a rough-in of 30 cm and is extremely easy to install. It’s also available in 25cm and 36cm options depending on the bathroom. It is two-piece, but it’s very fast.It is easy to install. To avoid any interference with the skirt, you may need to move your water supply outlet.

Comparison With Top Models

Aquia II Vs. Vespin II

Aquia II is a great alternative to the Totovespin II model. Both models have a slim, skirted design that is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Both models are WaterSense certified and have the SanaGloss glazing, which prevents bacteria buildup. Their flushing systems, however, are very different. The Aquia II has a double-cyclone flush. However, it is a dual flush model. You can choose between 0.9 Liters and 7 Liters per flush. Vespin II has only one flush option. It always consumes 6 Liters per flush.

Drake II Vs. Vespin II

These toilets have a very efficient flush and use minimal water. Both toilets are WaterSense certified and feature a SanaGloss finish. Both toilets are comparable in price.

They are however very different in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Because the Toto Vespin 2 has a hidden trap, it is easier to clean its surface as there aren’t any crevices or nooks.

Vespin II Vs. TotoCarlyle II

The Carlyle II offers a great alternative for Vespin II. It has a powerful flush and sleek design. It also comes with EPA WaterSense certification, just like the Vespin II. The Carlyle II, however, is a one-piece model. It is therefore slightly more expensive but also easier to clean.

Both The Pros And Cons


ADA compliant

EPA WaterSense certified

Ceramic finish by CEFIONTECT

A longer shape offers more space for the legs

Model in two pieces

It is easy to clean

Chrome trip lever

Tornado Flush system

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Toto Vespin II seat heights suitable for children and adults?

Yes! The universal height of the seat is suitable for all ages, including those with disabilities. It is easy to use, both for sitting and getting up from the bathroom.

How much water will I save by using the Vespin II Toilet

WaterSense toilets will only use 6 Liters per flush. It can help you save over 20% on your monthly water bill.

Overall Rating 4.

The TOTO Vespin, a two-piece toilet that features an extended bowl and a long handle, is concluded.skirted design.The universal height seat makes it ADA-compliant and easy to use for all ages. It also has a low water consumption.EPA WaterSense certified. This unit can be installed in residential bathrooms or commercial bathrooms.