Accueil Toilette TOTO Carlyle II Toilet Review 2021: Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

TOTO Carlyle II Toilet Review 2021: Pros, Cons And Final Verdict

TOTO Carlyle Design

The TOTO Carlyle II single-piece toilet has a spout.Bowl with skirt.. This toilet’s skirted design gives it a contemporary look without any lines. The toilet is made of vitreous china with a Cefiontect coating to maintain maximum cleanliness.

This toilet also has a few other features.A soft-closed seatThis helps to avoid loud slams following each use of the toilet. It also has multiple flushing handles, which is a great advantage. You can also choose from brass or brushed nickel finishes if you don’t like the chrome finish on the trip lever.

Flushing System

It has been aDual cyclone flushing systemTornado flush, also known by Tornado flush, forces water through two jets to increase the efficacy of the flush. This ensures that the whole toilet bowl is thoroughly cleaned with one flush, while requiring only minimal water.6 Liters per flush. This toilet is also EPA WaterSense certified. It’s low water consumption and efficient flushing action are just a few of the reasons it’s been certified.

It flushes 6 Liters per flush, which is in compliance with EPA WaterSense certification requirements. The bathroom toilet has a similar design.SanaGloss is finishedCEFIONTECT glaze, also known at TOTO as CEFIONTECT glaze. It makes the bowl shinier and cleaner for longer periods of time, while also reducing staining.Preventing the growth of bacteriaMicrobes and bacteria on the toilet.

This modern, one-piece elongated bathroom is full of innovative features. Let’s take a look at TOTO Carlyle II.


TOTO Carlyle II guarantees a high-quality cleaning standard for the toilet. It is a highly-stable cleaning system.Cefiontect glazeIt reduces the staining of the toilet’s surface. It also inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria and microbes. This combination of flushing and finishing the surface is amazing and allows for maximum cleaning. You don’t have to do much manually. To maintain the Cefiontect finish, however, it is important to use gentle cleaning agents when cleaning the toilet.

Water Consumption

ThisHigh-efficiency toilet(HET) requires a very low water consumption per flush, which makes it EPA WaterSense certified. It doesn’t sacrifice its effectiveness in removing waste, despite its low water consumption. This toilet may also be eligible for a significant tax rebate depending on your location.Rebate on your water billWhen you use this toilet.

Bowl Shape

The bowl shape of TOTO Carlyle II’s TOTO Carlyle II may be a bit unusual.CompactIt perfectly matches the design of the toilets. It is also efficient in water distribution and has an easy-to-clean design. This design keeps the bowl clean even after long periods of use.

The bowl must be cleaned.almost no maintenance. The bowl’s smooth surface will not show any residue even if you clean it. The bowl’s shape allows water to flow freely and makes the flush more efficient.


TOTO Carlyle II toilets come with a 10-year warranty. The toilet comes with a warranty.1-year limited warrantyIt is possible, but you probably won’t need to use it. It is made from high-quality materials and has a great flushing system that ensures years of service.


TOTO Carlyle II may be too costly for many people. It is a great product, both in terms of quality and durability.Long-term investment. Be sure to only buy from trusted sources. TOTO will charge you more and take longer to ship.

Toto Carlyle II Meets ADA Compliance

The TOTO Carlyle II review also focuses on its ADA compliance. This means that the toilet must be accessible to both disabled and elderly people. Most models that are ADA-compliant have this feature.HeightAnd aVery comfortable toilet seat.

How Does The Tornado Flushing System Work?

Two nozzles are placed at the top of the bowl to create Tornado Flushing.

Both valves will open when the flush begins and allow water to flow. These openings do a great job of dispersing water and cleaning the whole bowl.

Solid Pressure Technology

Water can reach all parts of the bowl because it is pushed by pressure. This computer-designed process has been tested numerous times to ensure that it does the best work. This is why we haveTornado systemThis model can clean the bowl properly with very little water.

TOTO Carlyle II: Benefits And Drawbacks

This model has its advantages and disadvantages, just like every unit. It is both ADA- and EPA-compliant which is great. The toilet is extremely efficient and uses very little water. The TOTO Carlyle II toilet has a sleek, luxurious, and beautiful design. This toilet is a great fit for modern bathrooms.

Its popularity is due toSanaGloss is finishedThe toilet will remain clean even after months of use and require no maintenance. The toilet also has a comfortable seat that is universally adjustable in height.

Let’s not forget about the small drawbacks. Installation can be difficult for non-DIY people at first. This may mean that you will need to hire a professional. It is also expensive and only has one flush option. Although the flushing system works well, a dual-flush option would have been better.

Real Users Face Problems

The real-user experience is better than the manufacturer’s claims. We found that the majority of users are satisfied with their experience. However, there were a few people who had specific issues with this toilet.

Initially, users feel that the price is a bit high. However, many users still feel that the toilet’s quality is amazing. Some users don’t like that the rough-in is made from PVC instead of porcelain. The rough-in material is not to be worried about. PVC is better than porcelain when it comes to chemical resistance. It is widely used in industries such as storage tanks, sewage pipes and other similar.

TOTO Carlyle II, like other single-piece toilets, has a problem with its design. It is beautiful but once you have broken any part, you will need to replace the toilet.

Affordable Alternatives

Don’t worry if this TOTO Carlyle II seems too costly for you. TOTO offers a number of great and more affordable alternatives. You should also check out Vespin II and Ultramax II. Drake II is another excellent option, so make sure you check it out!

TOTO Carlyle II 1G Vs 1.28G

These two models are very different in terms of water consumption. You should keep these things in mind. Consumption of 1.28gpf is considered to be the optimum intake.Best ratio of performance to water consumption. It is obvious that a lower limit will not only reduce water consumption but also impact the toilet’s performance. A 1.28 GPF toilet may be a better option.

The Washlet+ Toilet Concept

You might still be curious about the benefits of Washlet+ toilets.

They offer a lot of benefits at first.
Hygiene and comfort improvements. TOTO toilets are the only ones that offer bowl sanitization or pre-misting. Bowl-sanitization is a great option for hygiene. This prevents the bowl from becoming contaminated with microorganisms and makes it safe to use. Pre-misting, on the other hand uses electrolyzed waters and sprays the bowl after each use.

Installation Is Easy

Finally, the TOTO Eco Soiree also includes a rough-in of 30 cm, but you can also choose to have it cut to other sizes such as 25 or 36 cm. These will need to be purchased separately. This toilet can be difficult to install. Because of its size and weight, it can be a bit more difficult to install. Most toilet installations are not difficult. Sometimes, existing water supply outlets can block the skirt and you may need to relocate them.


ADA compliant

EPA WaterSense certified

Dual cyclone powerful flushing system (Tornado flush)

SanaGloss is finished

Available in three sizes for rough-ins

It is easy to clean

Limited Warranty of 1 Year


To maintain SanaGloss’s gloss finish, and to prevent it from being damaged, you will need to use gentle cleaning agents

The wax ring is not included

Overall Rating 4.

This concludes theTOTO Carlyle II reviewIt is.High-efficiency toiletIt offers multiple benefits. It features many benefits, such as:Soft close, ADA-compliant seatIt is a comfortable toilet for adults, which makes it an ideal bathroom toilet. It is also EPA WaterSense certified which offers many benefits. It uses less water and also saves you money.WaterSense rebates availableGet the best water bill deals.