Accueil Toilette The Best TOTO Washlet Reviews – Impressive Technology For 2021

The Best TOTO Washlet Reviews – Impressive Technology For 2021

Unique Technologies

These five incredible technologies are available in TOTO Washlets to enhance your experience, from personal cleansing to toilet maintenance.

1. 1.

This technology makes use of air-rich water droplets that provide a better experience and cleaner cleaning, while using less water. You won’t need to worry about running out of warm, as the water is heated instantly.

2. 2.

EWater+ technology automatically mists the bowl and wand, which reduces time spent cleaning with harsh chemicals.

3. Actilight

The technology reduces cleaning time by using a zirconium-coated coating. This coating prevents almost all waste from sticking on surfaces.

4. Pre-Mist Technology

Pre-mist Technology sprays water on the bowl prior to each use. The bowl is then easier to wash away solid waste, meaning less work needed to clean it.

5. Deodorizer

Many models include a built in deodorizer, which completely transforms the user experience. The Washlet automatically cleans the toilet seat and toilet after use. This removes all odors, and ensures that every person who uses the toilet has a pleasant experience.

Principal Advantages

These are the top benefits of any TOTO Washlet

  1. 3D Tornado flush system ensures that waste is cleared with each flush
  2. The self-cleaning experience is enhanced by remote control of front and rear washing, with adjustable pressure and temperature. The Washlet’s remote control and automation make it easy to use.
  3. The dryer function allows you to dry the seat after every use, maintaining a clean surface on your toilet seat
  4. The heated seat is adjustable in temperature to ensure comfort in hot and cold seasons.

TOTO Washlet Reviews 5 Expert Picks

After we’ve covered some key features, you might be interested in owning a TOTO Washlet. These six product reviews have been carefully selected by our experts for your consideration.

1. TOTO Wall-Hung C200

The C200 delivers a strong, but gentle water stream, which is mixed with air. The Washlet comes with a dual flush system that saves significant water every year.

The C200 model also features a heated seat and self-closing lid. It also has an integrated supply hose design.

Wall-hung units also save 23 cm of floor space.


Dual Flush

Hidden supply hose

Heated seat

2. 2.

Although the C100 is more expensive than other TOTO units it still has a great value.

The unit features a heated seat and an LED nightlight. It also has the ability to store up to two user settings. The lid opens automatically with no effort. Sensors detect your movement and trigger the lid to open automatically.

A pre-mist feature is used to protect the bowl from any waste sticking to it. Ewater+, a special cleaning agent, is released after flushing. This keeps the toilet clean and ready to use for the next time.


LED nightlight Heater seat for instant warm water Hygienic experience

4. TOTO Neorest Washlet

TOTO Neorest will transform your bathroom experience. As soon as you enter the bathroom, the TOTO Neorest will guide you to it with its soft lighting and auto-opening lid. This model provides more than just the two basic spray modes. It also offers soft, front and rear modes to meet all your washing needs.

This high-end unit also comes with a remote and a heated seat in cold mornings. The CEFIONTECT coating and Tornado Flush technology will make it impossible for waste to stick to the toilet bowl.

This unit is slightly more difficult than the G500. You will need to hire a professional to install the Neorest.


Powerful Tornado Flush 3 spray settings Heated seat

Make The Right Choice

Although TOTO Washlets can be a little more expensive than some other models, they are still very affordable. You can save money by buying a TOTO Washlet over a more expensive model, especially if you choose one of their cheaper options.

You will be able to see the differences in design between TOTO models and other manufacturers. They are stunning. They are simple and elegant, with a minimalist design that will fit in any bathroom.

They are also very efficient, requiring only a small amount of water per flush. This will reduce your water bills after just one month. The Washlet’s water-saving efficiency is another reason to consider it if you are concerned about the environment.

TOTO Highlights And Special Features

TOTO Washlets offer two modes of operation for cleaning your undercarriage. TOTO Washlets include a temperature-adjustable drying system that allows you to clean your undercarriage completely hands-free.

These models include a heated seat, which can be adjusted between 86 to 104 degrees. They also have an integrated sensor that maintains the desired temperature.

Dual flushing saves water and many units come with an automatic flush, or remote control. The self-cleaning function cleans and sanitizes the toilet after each use, so it is ready to be used again.

For easy customization, each device comes with a side panel that is similar to a TV remote.

TOTO Additional Features

Let’s look at some additional features TOTO offers. Some of these optional add-ons can prove very useful and cost a small amount. Let’s take a look at some additional technologies that are available.

1. Smart Seat

TOTO Toilets have a Smart Seat. But what exactly is this Smart Seat? This is a unique seat that uses sensors and WiFi to clean and flush the bowl. You can open or close the seat with some units, giving bathrooms a modern feel.

2. CeFIONtect

Two main benefits come with this special toilet glaze. It prevents mold and bacteria buildup making it easier to use the toilet. It also keeps the toilet cleaner longer than a traditional glaze.

3. Skirted Design

This design is available with many TOTO models. It refers to a seamless form from floor to bowl. It is easy to clean because there are no traditional curves. This design, although minimalistic, is perfect for modern bathrooms. It adds elegance and smoothness to any bathroom.

4. ADA Compliant

TOTO toilets can be used in areas that are ADA-compliant. The model has been made to be accessible for persons with disabilities by being ADA compliant. ADA-compliant toilets are taller than standard toilets, making it easier to sit down.

5. 5.

The Wireless Remote Control allows you to access many features from anywhere, even outside of the bathroom. With just one button, you can open and close the seat, as well as clean the bowl and deodorize it remotely.

6. Dual-Action Spray

Dual-action spray reduces maintenance time and improves the washlet’s flexibility. Some models have an oscillation action and a self-cleaning spray wand. The wand does not have a memory function so you will need to adjust it each time. This feature allows you to spray a custom spray every time. We think it is worth the price.

How About Installation?

The installation of this amazing product, just like the TOTO Aquia IV Washlet requires a 30cm rough-in into the wastepipe. While facing the bowl, the water supply must be located 11-7/41cm to the left of the centerline on the closet flange. This toilet also comes with a rough-in of 30 cm, as well as mounting and connection hardware. You may need to hire a professional depending on the model of your TOTO Washlet.

Model Comparisons

There are 10 models of TOTO Washlets to choose from, starting with the A100 and ending at the S350 or S550. For smaller bathrooms, the G400 is a great choice.

Note that the A100 model is the most basic when choosing a unit. The S-series is the top model in the range.

The features you desire in your Washlet will determine which model is the best.

1. TOTO S350E Vs.TOTO S550E

These two models appear very similar at first glance. Both have many of the same features. What is the difference between them?

The S550E is slightly thicker, while the S350E is the smallest. The S350E’s seat is round, while the S550E’s seat is more rectangular. However, there is little difference in the actual size. However, there is a slight variation in the power consumption. The S330E consumes only 840W while the Toto S550E consumes around 1300W. The remote control for the S550E has a slimmer, slightly longer design.

2. 2.

These toilets are great for small bathrooms, especially if gravity is your preferred method of flushing. Both toilets have a tankless design which looks amazing. Both units have very similar features. These units have a Tornado flushing system and a long bowl. They also have an auto-open/close cover and an integrated air deodorizer. Both models can be controlled wirelessly via remote control. S350E models have more features but come at a higher cost. These units are so similar that you can choose the best option for yourself based on your preference for price, appearance, and other details.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Make sure your toilet is compatible before you purchase your TOTO Washlet model. What do you need to look for?

Toilet Fit In Your Bathroom Space

It is important to measure the dimensions of your toilet bowl. The distance between the two bolt holes is the measurement where the Washlet should be placed. It is okay if the dimensions are not exactly the same, as long as there is no greater than 1 cm.

Next, measure the distance between the tank’s center and the bolt hole. This distance should not exceed 4 cm. The surface must be flat. You might have trouble sitting on the Washlet if the bowl is bent.

Minimum Water Pressure

All units work in the pressure range 7.25 to 108.75 PSI. A household with an average water pressure of 20 to 120 PSI has water. You shouldn’t have any issues because the Washlet requires very little water pressure.

A pressure gauge is needed to measure the pressure inside your home. These can be purchased at most home improvement shops. Simply attach the unit to the hose, and then turn the water on at maximum. The correct readings will be available in a matter of seconds.

Even though your pressure is good, pipes with a small diameter may still have problems with water volume. These problems may be caused by corrosion and would need to be fixed by a plumber.

Parts List

A Washlet by itself is not a complete toilet. It is more like a high-tech seat, which sits on top the toilet.

TOTO Toilets are best used with TOTO Washlets. However, it is possible to mount them onto other toilets. Make sure you read our guide to measuring the Washlet before buying.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents of these units.

The heated seat will come with a lid that must be attached to the existing toilet. You should ensure that your current toilet is flat and free from curves. Washlets come with a remote control or control panel. It will be mounted on the wall or next to the unit, depending on the model. It can be used to activate water streams or change water temperature.

The next step is to get a water filter that has a drain behind the toilet so that water can properly reach the spray wand. A water supply hose will be included in the package. The unit will have a water supply port, so attach the hose there. The package should include a jet spray gun that sprays water from below the lid.

Additional Special Parts

The package may include a self cleaning nozzle depending on the model. Some units may have an automatic nozzle, while others can be operated remotely or manually.


Many TOTO Washlets have EPA WaterSense certification. This means they require minimal water and provide optimal flush performance. It will also help reduce your monthly bills.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install the washlet?

Although the installation isn’t difficult, it is still not as easy as regular toilets. It shouldn’t be difficult if you are a DIY expert. A very detailed and clear user manual comes with the unit. If you are looking for a more complex option, it may be worth consulting a professional.

How do I power my TOTO Washlet Toilet Toilet?

The majority of units can be powered from an outlet. A power cord is included for easy installation and operation.

Are Toto Toilets Automatically Flushable?

Yes. The G400 flushes before the lid closes, in particular. You can disable this feature to flush manually. To confirm, look at the unit you are interested in to see if this feature is present.

Overall Rating 4.8/5

This innovative, modern toilet accessory is packed with many innovative features. This toilet accessory is a popular choice because of its outstanding performance. Its advanced cleaning features mean that it is easy to clean. The toilet’s flushing system is water-efficient and WaterSense certified.

Its universal height seat is ADA-compliant, making it ideal for people with mobility problems. This product has many outstanding features and unparalleled benefits that make it one of the most popular toilet accessories.