Accueil Toilette Four Simple Steps To Install A Toilet Like A Pro

Four Simple Steps To Install A Toilet Like A Pro

How To Install A Toilet

Step 1: Get Out With The Old

First, turn off the water supply to your current toilet. You can then flush the water out and use a sponge to absorb any water. Be sure to drain all water.

Next, take off the base trim caps. To remove the toilet, loosen the washer and closet bolts that hold it to the ground. The nuts may have to be removed if the toilet is damaged by rust.

Next, disconnect the tank and bowl. You can lift the toilet off the ground by gently rocking it. To prevent sewer gases from back-up in your bathroom, place a newspaper or old rag in the hole.

Step 2: Seal The Joint With A Wax

Remove the old wax seal first and inspect the flange. You will need to replace the toilet flange if it is damaged or cracked. If the flange looks good, remove the closet bolts and install the wax seal. Then, place the new bolts into their appropriate slots in the flange.

Step 3: Assemble The Toilet

To begin assembling your toilet, match the tank and bowl. The tank has an opening in the bottom where the bolts for the tank can be installed. After the bolts are installed, align them with the holes in the bowl. Once everything is aligned, place the tank on top. To secure everything, screw a nut on top of each tank bolt. You must ensure that the tank rests firmly on the bowl.

Step 4: The Final Haul

After you have assembled the toilet, place it carefully on top of the flange. When placing the toilet, make sure that the closet bolts are aligned with the holes in the base.

You should not force the toilet to fit. Otherwise, you could end up breaking the bolts.

Use washers and nuts to secure the bolts. To make the toilet more solid and even, put some pennies in the base. It is very handy to shift the toilet base using pennies. Once the base is stable and secure, remove the pennies from the sightline and tighten the bolts. Cover the bolt ends with trim caps. Attach the lid and seat to the toilet using mounting bolts. Finally, reconnect the supply.

We believe the best toilets can be installed easily, but we don’t care which toilet you choose. This guide will help make your next toilet easy to install.