Accueil Toilette Before You Remove A Toilet Bowl, Empty It The Right Way

Before You Remove A Toilet Bowl, Empty It The Right Way

Simple Way To Empty A Toilet Bowl

You can break down the whole process into two steps: draining your tank and draining your bowl. No special plumbing skills or tools are required.

Draining The Tank

  • Turn off the water supply to the toilet. You will find a small knob located near the toilet. It is usually located on the wall. You can turn it clockwise by holding the knob in one hand and rotating it the other. Be careful! You could cause the knob to break if you apply too much force.
  • Now take off the top. To prevent it from getting damaged, place it on a towel placed on the floor. You can see the water level when you have removed the top from the tank.
  • Flush the toilet and the water will drain from the tank. You should check that the shut-off valve is tightened properly if it’s not draining. You can shut off main water supply while you work on the toilet if there is a problem.
  • Keep the flush valve on until all water has been drained. The tank is now empty.

Draining The Bowl

  • You must drain the toilet bowl completely before you can drain it.
  • You might want to lay down some old towels or tarp. You might make a mess even if you’re careful.
  • You can fill a bucket with water, and then pour it into the bowl. It may seem strange, but pouring water into a bowl will cause it drain. Slowly pour the water at first. If that fails, you can quickly drain it.
  • The toilet bowl should always be empty. It is important to drain the toilet bowl completely. However, some water may remain in the bowl. A sponge is the best way to get rid of any remaining water.
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my bowl not empty when I flush?

    Low water levels or clogs in the toilet could prevent your bowl from draining properly when you flush.

    How do I find the main supply valve in my house?

    The main water supply valve will usually be located at the property’s end. You can find it by looking for a plastic or metal box door located at ground level.