Accueil Toilette American Standard H2Option Is A Great Choice!

American Standard H2Option Is A Great Choice!

Let’s take a closer look at the American Standard H2Option.


Like many conventional toilets, this high-efficiency toilet uses vitreous china. This toilet is perfect for small bathrooms or restrooms thanks to its round front bowl. This model features a chrome-plated push button actuator for quick and easy flushing. The fully-glazed trap-way measures 5 cm and prevents clogging.

Flushing System And Cleaning

American Standard H2Option utilizes the dual-flush method for a powerful flush. This system is available in both full and partial flush options.

This toilet is EPA WaterSense-certified, meaning that it can flush low volumes and provide rebates to customers on water bills. These flushing options, combined with the PowerWash rinse-off feature, ensure that flushing is efficient. The EverClean surface prevents bacteria, odors and mold buildup.

Installation Process

The American Standard H2Option requires 30 cm of rough-in. This is very similar to the American Standard Champion 4. It is also easy to install like any other 2-piece unit. It also comes with two bolt caps pre-installed to save you time and effort during installation. The toilet is 100% tested in the factory and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

H2Option: Old Vs. New

Customers claim that there is no difference between the toilets. We performed some tests to find out how they differ. We found that there were no differences in the appearance of these toilets and very little difference in their flushing power.

Experts will tell you that the toilets are different. The only difference in terms of the user experience is the flushing power. You can choose the H2Option that is right for you based upon your individual preferences.

Unique Features

Let’s take a look at six key features of American Standard H2Option toilet:

1. Consumption

This toilet’s full flush uses 7 Liters of water, which is not enough to meet the EPA WaterSense standards. The partial flush is compliant and, depending on where you live, will still qualify for rebates on water bills.

2. 2. Quality

It is made of a durable and strong Vitreous China. It is comfortable shaped and will last for at least 10 years. It is protected from bacteria and dirt by an enamel coating. The toilet surface is also easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

3. PowerWash Rim & Jet-Powered Siphon

This model has a special pressurized edge that allows for powerful flushing and low water consumption. The water flows from the tank into the chamber using pressurized water to apply pressure to it. The water is then released and washes the entire bowl.

The water then flows through a bowl-jet, which uses a siphon for water level control. The Jet-Powered Siphon and PowerWash are excellent additions to the toilet’s performance.

4. Speed Connect System

This unit is unique among toilets on the marketplace. It comes with a Speed Connect System which dramatically reduces installation times. The H2Option also comes with pre-assembled bolts, which reduces the possibility of small parts being lost.

5. 5.

This model also has a great price, which is a major advantage over most two-piece units. Many customers agree that the H2Option unit is very affordable.

6. EverClean Surface

EverClean glaze offers two major benefits. It is very easy to clean and reduces the amount of time needed to clean it every day. It also has a nonstick surface that prevents bacteria and dust sticking to it.

Installation Guide

This unit can be installed in just 4 steps, although it is very simple.

Step 1: Remove the old toilet

Make sure you close the supply valve before you remove the old toilet. Use a towel to remove any remaining water from the bowl and tank. Next, disconnect the supply line. To stop odors from escaping, remove the toilet and plug the floor waste. You can now remove the closet bolts, and your toilet will be installed.

Step 2: Install Closet Bolts

First, measure the rough in of the toilet. This is the distance between wall and flange. Then, measure the rough-in of the toilet and install the bolts in the flange channel.

Step 3: Apply the wax seal

Next, flip the toilet over and place the wax ring evenly. A little sealant may be needed. You might need to unplug the waste opening. To avoid future problems, pay attention to the side marked WITH THIS SIDE UP.

Step 4: Install the new toilet and tank

Place the toilet in the desired position and place the bowl on the flange. The nuts may need to be tightened until the unit is in the correct position. Next, attach washer caps and remove excess sealant. You are now ready to install your tank.

First, insert rubber grommets in the tank holes and then insert bolts. Install the large gasket in the tank’s bottom and tighten the nuts so that the tank rests against the bowl. Then, follow the instructions to install the seat.

Feedback And Opinions Of Owners

Without the feedback of the actual owners, this review would not be complete. We found that the majority of people who purchased this toilet were extremely satisfied. The non-stick surface and powerful flush system are particularly appreciated by users. Customers reported that they should have received the flange bolts as well as the wax rings for the cost of the product.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How far does the toilet stick out from the wall?

This toilet, like most units, sticks to the wall at 29 inches.

Where can I find the matching sink?

The matching sink should be easy to locate from the same manufacturer. The matching sink should be listed at.020 on the manufacturer’s website.

Are Standard Seats Compatible with This Toilet?

The model will determine the overall fit of your seat. This toilet can only accept top-mount seats. Standard seats will not fit because they are usually installed from below. You will need a top-mount toilet seat for this model.

Both The Pros And Cons

This toilet does not meet ADA regulations. It is not suitable for elderly, disabled, or children. The toilet does have some advantages.

Its flushing system, for example, is extremely powerful and requires very little water. The partial flush has been WaterSense certified. This is better for the environment as well as saving money. The toilet is extremely comfortable and comes with an extended warranty of five years.


Partial-flush (1.Full-flush (1.6 GPF) and 0 GPF

EPA WaterSense certified

EverClean antimicrobial surfaces Two-piece toilet PowerWash Rim Fully-glazed trap-way


This toilet is not ADA compliant and is not recommended for public or commercial bathrooms.

Overall Rating 4.6/5

The American Standard H2Option toilet is modern and high-efficiency. It has a dual-flushing system. This toilet is also cleanable thanks to its EverClean surface, and PowerWash Rim. This toilet is also EPA WaterSense certified, which means you are eligible for rebates on your water bills.