Accueil Toilette American Standard Cadet 3 Dependable Toto Review 2021

American Standard Cadet 3 Dependable Toto Review 2021

This toilet’s elongated bowl provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. This toilet is ADA-compliant and EPA WaterSense certified. It also features a soft close seat and a cover with a lift-off feature that allows for easy removal and reattachment.

We have listed seven highlights from the American Standard Cadet toilet.

1. 1.

The Cadet 3 is constructed from vitreous China and has an EverClean finish. This protects the toilet against stains and damage as well as from microorganism growth.

The chrome-plated trip lever makes it easy to flush.

The soft-close seat is removable and can be attached to the cover for cleaning. The modern toilet’s sleek design is enhanced by the hidden trap-way design.

2. Flushing System

Cadet 3 toilet uses 6 Liters of flush power, while PowerWash rim completely cleans the bowl with every flush.

To increase the flushing power, the elongated bowl uses siphoning action.

The smooth, concealed trap-way also increases flushing efficiency. This toilet also meets EPA WaterSense requirements which allows buyers to be eligible for rebates.

3. 3.

This toilet is easy to clean thanks to its PowerWash rim and smooth surface. All waste is washed away in one flush.

It is recommended to use gentle cleaning agents when cleaning manually so that it does not damage EverClean’s surface.



The two-piece toilet is easy to install. It requires a rough-in of 30 cm, just like the American Standard Boulevard. However, you might need to check the water supply outlet before installing the toilet, as its skirted design may interfere with the flow.

This unit is as easy to install and as quick as any other two-piece toilet.

5. 5. Water Consumption

This toilet has been approved by EPA WaterSense and is among the most water-saving models on the market. The Cadet 3 uses 20% less water than standard toilets. This directly impacts your monthly bills. You may also be eligible for rebates depending on where you live.

6. 6.

The toilet is constructed from sturdy Vitreous China, which guarantees a long life span. Its sleek design makes it easy to clean and maintain with no difficult-to-reach areas. This toilet also features an EverClean finish that protects the surface from mildew and stain growth.

7. 7.

This toilet is ADA compliant. It is taller than traditional toilets and has a height of at minimum 43 cm. This is considered a comfortable height. The toilet meets ADA standards and is a great choice for tall people, elderly people, and those with mobility issues.

Both The Pros And Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this toilet before you buy it.

The Cadet 8 cm’s flushing system is powerful, but it has less power than toilets of the same price.

The toilet also has many great benefits. The toilet comes with wax rings and a flush valve measuring 8 cm.

It also consumes 6 Liters of water per day and is WaterSense certified.

Its special EverClean surface also prevents bacteria growth and other harmful buildup.


ADA compliant

EPA WaterSense certified

EverClean surface Bowl with hidden trap-way

Only 6 Liters per flush

Chrome trip lever


To protect EverClean surfaces from any damage, you will need to use gentle cleaning agents

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of this unit?

The dimensions of this toilet are universal. It measures 30.2 x 15.8×77 cm. This toilet is suitable for most people.

How do I clean this toilet?

It is very easy to clean this toilet. You will only need a toilet cleaner, warm water, and a bucket of soap. Its EverClean surface will keep it cleaner longer than regular toilets.

You won’t have to use any harsh chemicals that could damage the surface. Every flush cleans the toilet perfectly.

Overall Rating 4.6/5

This modern, high-efficiency toilet will enhance your bathroom’s design. The toilet has an extended bowl that provides maximum comfort, and a soft-close seat that is easy for you to attach and take out for cleaning.

American Standard Cadet 3 toilets are ADA-compliant and EPA WaterSense certified. The toilet’s EverClean surface prevents the growth of mold and odor-causing bacteria.