Accueil Toilette 5 Easy Steps To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

5 Easy Steps To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

Identifying The Fault

Before you start to think about fixing a leaking toilet, it is important to identify the cause. The bowl could have become loose. It will likely begin wobbling if it isn’t firm enough to rest on the floor. You can test this by moving the toilet bowl side-to-side to see if it is moving. If the bowl moves, it is likely that your toilet has become loose.

There are many factors that can lead to a wobbly bathroom. Damaged wax rings can also cause wobbling and leaky toilets. A wax ring in good condition will be able to stop any kind of leakage if it is well maintained. However, you should be aware that a leaky wax ring could indicate a problem. Uneven floor levels can also cause leakage. Water will leak from the space between the floor and the bowl if the floor is uneven.

The Tools You Need To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

You will need some tools to fix a toilet that isn’t working. Before you begin the repair process, ensure you have all necessary tools.

  • Very small wrench
  • Putty knife
  • Grinder
  • Washers
  • Spirit level
  • Caulk
  • Bolt caps
  • Vacuum cleaner

5 Steps To Fix A Wobbly Toilet: A Step-By Step Guide

1. 1.

First, stop water flow or drain all water from the toilet. Turn off the water supply valve. Hold down the lever on the toilet tank and let it flow until the water stops. Grab the wrench and take the pipe out of the toilet.

2. 2.

To lift the toilet, you will need to remove the removable caps from the base.

Then, use a small wrench to remove the hex nuts and ensure they are safe. Keep in mind that dirt and other debris could collect on the toilet’s bottom, which can stain the floor. This situation is where cardboard or an old newspaper could really help. Put the paper or cardboard toilet down and then wash your hands.

3. 3. Fix The Closet Flange

Although it shouldn’t be difficult to fix the flange, there are still two options. Either replace the flange, or add a repair piece. If the damage is not severe, a repair plate can be added to the problem. Sometimes, the plate may not fit properly. This is when the chisel steps in. Then, place it underneath the groove and thread the bolt down.

4. 4.

Be careful not to damage the drainpipes or cause any other problems before you begin to remove the old flange. If you don’t feel confident enough to handle the task, we recommend calling a professional plumber. Use a chisel instead of prying out the closet flange using a prybar to remove it.

Make sure you have all your new materials at hand. The flange at the end of your iron should be fitted. Use a chisel if the iron doesn’t fit properly on the floor. Place the rubber gasket inside the flange. The brass ring should be inside the rubber gasket. Continue pressing down on it with your hands until it becomes even.

Place the bolts into their proper places, and secure them with a spanner.

5. 5.

It is now time to place the toilet in its original location. You should first install a new wax seal before you reinstall the toilet. The new wax ring seals the hole better and prevents dirt from escaping. Reposition the toilet and ensure that the bolts pass through the holes. Use a wrench or a spanner to tighten the nut and then cover the bolts by their caps.